CAREGIVERS-Live-In Caregivers prescreened, background checks, personality tests, Harmony Match, 5 day acceptance period

All Of Our Live-In Caregivers are meticulously prescreened, go through rigorous background checks and in-depth personality tests, and we do a “Harmony Match” guarantee with a 5-day “acceptance period!”

At Family Care Plus we only hire the best caregivers. Those that are Certified Nursing Assistants, (CNAs), Home Health Aides (HHAs), or Personal Care Assistant (PCAs) with 2+ years of experience. But we don’t just hire them on the spot. Before a caregiver becomes a Family Care Plus caregiver they go through an in-depth background check at a state and national, are evaluated through a personality profile, in-depth interview, 3rd stage interviews, undergo and pass our skills assessments, and a full day of orientation which their capabilities and attitude are still being evaluated. These are just a few of the important steps we are taking to ensure quality care. We make sure our caregivers have skills and training in a wide range of care situations, but all of our caregivers also adhere to individualized care plans created specifically for each person they are entrusted to care for, so you get the best care possible!