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Family Care Plus

Family Care Plus is NOT Family Care Visiting Nurse and Home Care Agency, LLC

Please help us protect our online reputation!

We have learned that clients searching online for “Family Care Plus” or “ Family Care Plus Stratford CT” may be referred by Google incorrectly to results associated with a separate, unaffiliated company in Stratford, Connecticut called “Family Care Visiting Nurse” or Family Care VNA and Home Care Agency, LLC. “Family Care Visiting Nurse” or Family Care VNA, has no relationship or involvement with “Family Care plus”.

Although we may be headquartered in the same town with Family Care VNA, neither Family Care Plus or its owner have any business relationship or other involvement with Family Care VNA. Further, neither Family Care Plus nor its owner have been the subject of any state or federal lawsuit or other governmental claims of fraud or abuse. We are proud of our reputation for providing affordable, quality in-home care since 1997. We are fighting to protect that reputation in online searches.

We continue to work with Google and our Online Reputation Management Director to address this incorrect Google search linkage of our company with Family Care Visiting Nurse. In the meantime, we appreciate the understanding of our many clients and prospective clients who have reached out to us with their concerns while we continue to protect our online reputation. In this regard, your support and continued referrals are vital to the future of our business.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, you should feel free to speak with us at 1(866) 559-9492.